How to send a reply email based on a database query

Email Parser is often used with databases. This example shows how to use a database action along with a conditional run. The workflow is the following: It takes only the incoming emails containing in the email body “subscription status” using an email filter and replies if the sender is subscribed or not. The subscription status is kept in a database table.  

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  For example, if this email is received
From: To: Subject: Am I subscribed to the newsletter?
Please, let me know my subscription status.Thanks.
  Email Parser returns the following email if the sender is in the subscriptors database:
From: To: Subject: Your subscription status
You are subscribed.
  And if the sender is not in the database, Email Parser sends the following email:
From: To: Subject: Your subscription status
You are not subscribed.
The output of this example for an user that is subscribed is the following. Note that the used email addresses are not the same but the flow of the program is exactly equal:example_24_output

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