Email Parser

Extract data from incoming emails and automate your workflow


Connecting to Email Parser Online

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Limitations of Email Parser Online






With Email Parser online you can store your email sources, parsers and actions in the cloud. This way, your new incoming emails will be processed without keeping Email Parser open or your computer switched on. Email Parser connects to the server and you will see the output, the log etc. as if Email Parser was always open.


Is there any website for this? I do not want to use the app

There is no website yet. Everything must be done through the app.

How to create an Email Parser online account

Account creation is done under the application. Go to Settings, then select the Running mode tab and then click on “Create account”.

What happens if I uninstall Email Parser

If you uninstall Email Parser your emails will continue to be processed as your configuration is still on the cloud. If you want to stop this you need to delete your online account through the preferences window before uninstalling the app.