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Purchasing and licensing. Frequently asked questions.

Is the license key a recurring payment?

No. If you set the running mode of Email Parser to “Run in this application” or “Run as a Windows Service” (see the running modes) you only have to pay once for a license key. It is not a recurring payment.

Do I have to paid both the monthly fee and the license key?

No, only one of them. Depending on the running mode you choose.

Does Email Parser Online requires a recurring payment?

Yes. If you set the running mode of Email Parser to “Connect to Email Parser online” (see the running modes) you have to create an account. After the 30-day free trial an active recurring payment (prices here) will be required.

Do I have to purchase a license key if I want to just use Email Parser Online?

No. If the running mode of Email Parser is “Connect to Email Parser online” you only need an active subscription. The program will not ask for a license key.

Is there any commitment regarding on how much time I have to keep paying the Email Parser Online subscription?

No. You can cancel your subscription and stop paying anytime. Under the settings window, in the “Connect to Email Parser online” section, you can find a link to manage your subscription and cancel it.

How many computers can I have Email Parser running on with one license key?

Up to 3 computers.

Will my license key work with new versions? How updates/upgrades work?

Updates are free for 12 months. For example, if you purchase a license key in May 2018 it will work with any version released from Jan 2007 (first 1.0 release) to May 2019. If you download a version released, for instance, on June 2019 the program will ask you to purchase a new license key and give you a 50% discount code as you are an existing customer.

Do the license keys expire?

No, license keys do not expire. Email Parser will never ask you to purchase a new license key unless you install a newer version (see the previous question).

Will my Email Parser Online subscription work with new versions?

Yes. If you have a subscription to Email Parser online you can always run the latest version. In fact, you will be asked to update the software to connect to the server.

If I purchase a license key and then I change the running mode to “Connect to Email Parser online” will my credit card be automatically charged?

No. Email Parser online subscriptions are handled separately from license keys. If you have already purchased a license key and then change the running mode to online you will need to enter again all your payment details after clicking the subscribe link on the settings window. We will not re-use your existing payment details.


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