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Goal: to create a text file and/or poke into a SQL table, using both e-mail body values, AND values that would be returned from a SQL query contained in an "action" step, under 'SQL sentence".
I can use the "For Each Item" Action just fine, to obtain the e-mail body values.

E-mail provides 4 values, via "For Each Item" action.
I would use 1 of those fields, to query SQL, and return 4 more values.
I would combine the two sets of data to either write out a text file, and/or write to SQL

make sense?
Hi there,

I think this is what you need:
maybe.. but the values I see them using in "Complete newsletter system with subscription handling and email delivery" , are ones derived from the email.

I'm wondering if , when I query SQL , can I use those results, just like I can use
the values such as: <%From%> ?

Yes, the SQL action, when you use the SQL command SELECT and the database returns the resulting rows, makes them as normal Email Parser fields. Each field for each retrieved database column.

But note that you should use SELECT (id, column1, column2...) etc if you just use SELECT * it will not work.

If you have more questions I guess I would need some screenshots to see how you have set up EmailParser.
appreciate the help.
I am selecting fields, not *
Attached some files..
I can see that the SQL query is not returning anything (saveToSQL Action)
You can see that I've hard-coded some values just as place holders("Import Set No" etc)

ps. if I don;t get to reply before COB today, I'm back in the office Tue.
Thanks much!
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Can disregard this thread: it appears I do not need to perform the above action after all.

thank you