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Hi, Is this email solution able to parse emails and perform data lookups from a database or Excel using parameters in the email?

For example, an incoming email contains an account number, and I want the automated response to look up the customer name from a spreadsheet or database and reply \"Dear John\" or whatever the customer\'s name is.

Regards, Robert
Hello Robert,

I have attached to this post an example that you may find useful. Note that for running it you need to download and install the latest 3.1 Beta version available here: ... _setup.msi

The attached example does the following (step-by-step):
  • Downloads the email from the email source
  • For each email it searches in a Micrososft SQL server database if the name of the customer is in the database (the search is done based on the email address)
  • If the customer is found in the database it send an email like this:
    Hello <%the customer name goes here %>,
    Your request has been received. It will processed as soon as possible.
  • If the customer is not found the following email is sent
    Your request could not be processed because your email address was not found in our customer database.
How to load settings files in Email&Parser: ... go=topic51
(4.94KiB)Downloaded 700 times
I tried to load this in E&P version 3.4 and I receive the following error message "Cannot load EmailParser configuration file. CRC mismatch".

I tried downloading the file again with no success, same error as above. How can I open this file?