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Is it possible for a single Action to perform multiple SQL action queries? In my application the SELECT statement may return one or more rows (and three columns), and for each row I want to perform four actions in different database tables - one DELETE action, one INSERT action, and two other actions that will be INSERT or UPDATE depending on the result of an IF EXISTS statement. I entered my four statements separated by semi-colons (;) in the left hand SQL Sentence area of Email Parser, the first statement mentioning all three SELECT columns, but in the right hand logging area Email Parser returned "Error. Incorrect syntax near '@parameter3'..", suggesting it did not recognise my script syntax, perhaps the semi-colon. (I checked the script - I copied it with inserted values from the logging area and pasted it into SSMS where it ran successfully.)
Hello Colin,

Yes, this is possible. You have to create one SQL action for each SQL sentence you want to run and chain all of them setting the "Run after" of each item to the prvious one. Some screenshots are attached.

To conditionally run any action you have to use an action of type "Conditional run".

Regarding to the other error, could you contact me via the chat? This way we can share files etc.