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Post here if you experience problems or get unexpected errors.
Adding a second action always fails.
Action field "parser" blinks in red colour.

> Saving not possible? Seams to be a bug, otherwise a error-message will be helpful.
Adding Action
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Saving existing action fails after you try to edit a second action.

Formerly correct actions cant saved after you have a second action.
Using the actual version of Sep, 02
This is the same issue i am having, posted 2nd September - ... p?f=4&t=75

I have been trying to do some pre-sales testing but as yet have spent the last 8 days of the trial with a non-working product.

I have used the contact form twice with no reply, is this the level of service I should expect if I decide to purchase the product?
I too have just been trialing the system, was able to add an email account, a Parser and then went to add an action and it flashes red and doesnt allow me to continue either. I tried using email , mysql, flat file, etc, they all do the same thing.

I thought maybe you had to have a paid version for some of the actions but after reading this support thread it seems others have issues and no one is getting assistance on the fix?

Lucky I didnt buy it. Anyone know of any other systems around the same value that work?

Problem occurs since the last bugfix from end of august.

We are still in the evaluating situation and strongly interested in similar solutions, too!

Support seems to be problematic?
I plan to purchase it!

But I strongly need to add more than one action and it should be possible to replace exisitng actions.
This is obligatory and I believe this must be a simple bugfix.
Yeah this is a deal breaker, if I cant actually test it when in trial why would I buy it?
It seems like an excellent product for it's price but where is the support.

Sorry for replying so late. We have delayed a bit the release of this new version to be able to fix some bugs also reported by other customers. Please, download and run the installation package from the download section: