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Post here if you experience problems or get unexpected errors.

getting this error code:
Code: Select allError. ExecuteScalar: Connection property has not been initialized
Attached our configuration and the Error-Message.

We changed the email-Adress from Exchange 2010 -> 2013, Configuration on the Server is still the same.
Login via OWA works, i also can choose a folder.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,
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Hi Rainer,

It seems to be a bug of the program. I have just tested the latest version (4.8) it with some IMAP accounts I have for testing and all of them worked fine. I guess I will need a temporary testing account in your server to be able to get the same error here and be able to fix it. Could you contact me by email at You can also pick a time to talk by phone in this link:

updated to 4.8 - now it works again like a charm. :D
Is there an possibility to make an inplace upgrade or is the best-practice way to install the setup from download section?

In order to update you need to download the setup file from the download section and run it. There is no other way to update yet.

It is not needed to previously uninstall the old EmailParser, by the way. The new setup file will take care of it.