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I'm running a C# script made with the Email ParserSDK on Visual Studio (Community Edition 2017).
It works fine in both Visual Studio and Eami Parser v 4.1. But when I put it in Email Parser 4.8 (I wanted to update for a long time) I got these error : (French Version)
Code: Select allErreur lors de la création : System.Net.WebException: Le serveur distant a retourné une erreur : (500) Erreur interne du serveur. à System.Net.WebClient.UploadValues(Uri address, String method, NameValueCollection data) à CreationCandidatures.CreerCandidature(String corpsMessage, String objetMessage, String dateReception).
What happen ? No more DLL needed in this code.

Tanks to you
Hello David,
(500) Erreur interne du serveur

It seems that your script is running fine but the HTTP request returned with an error 500 (server side error) and this generates an exception in your C# code. Having an exception when this happen is expected. The error is not related to a missing DLL file or reference.

The strange thing is that you are getting this exception in EmailParser 4.8 and not in Visual Studio...
I would need more details about this. If you can send me the script (by email to or the full exception trace I could give you more info.
Thank you.

I know this http error but I don't understand why the System.Net library works in VS and not in Email Parser.

I send you my code by mail.


Hi David,

Thanks for the script. I have checked the code and replied you by email.