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When I try to capture Date Sent ('DateTimeSent') from Available Fields, it is always setting it to the time the parser was run, rather than the time the actual e-mail was sent. Help please!
Hello, what type of email source are you using? POP, IMAP, gmail..?
I am processing Outlook .msg messages that I exported to a folder.
I have just done a test a .MSG file exported from Outlook and it seems that Outlook sets the date/time of the email in the .MSG file to the moment where you actually exported the file (in my case drag and dropping the file from outlook to a normal folder)
From the Email Parser side, there is nothing it can be done. Outlook is setting the date/time of the email exported email this way.

Try retrieving the email directly from the server. This should solve the issue.
After following these instructions to export the e-mails to a PST file (and using email parser to read the PST file), the dates seem to be correct now. I have not fully tested it yet but it looks promising.

That is a very good idea. Thanks a lot for the link. It will be very helpful for other users.