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I'd like to set my parser to only parse a particular email if a certain string of text is in the subject line. Is this possible and if so how do I do that?
ok so i figured that out, but when I run the program I get the error: Error. At least one column must be defined. How do I do this step?
At least one column must be defined. How do I do this step?

Where do you get this error? In the email filters or in an automated process you have created? If you can send a screenshot or anything to get an idea of your current settings the better ;)
I've attached the screenshot

Thanks for the info. You need to connect each element of the left panel. It should look like this:

parse email overall flow
capture_text_flow.jpg (21.03KiB)Viewed 994 times

Also, the Excel item must be filled with the actual parsed fields you get from the email:

capture text from email and savie in excel
right but I can't figure out how to add the new column name or parsed field.
Clicking first in the table you have on the left, then select any field you have in the list at the right. Finally click "Use field in..."

If the field is not shown in the list it means that you have not connected the "automated process" to the parser.
This is too difficult and I am looking at alternatives.