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Just trying this out to download invoices inside emails. I managed to get it to work yesterday but as there is a 999 email limit I could not get all the emails I needed done. I tried moving the emails I wanted processing into a new folder, changed the target folder; and now I get the following message:

········ Started

········ Checking emails for xxx

Connecting to the IMAP server at xxx

Accessing folder C+Archive

Getting email list

No new emails


········ Finished
What do you think I have done wrong here? I have marked the emails as unread thinking it was that but it has made no difference. Is there an email cache I need to clear maybe?

Kind regards

Never mind, fixed it. Needed to go into email history and delete them then run again.
Hi Adam,

Thanks for posting the update. Just a note for anyone coming here with a similar problem:

When using IMAP, Email Parser identifies a given email by a long text string (not visible) called email unique identifier. This means that even if you change the email from one folder to another Email Parser will know that this message is already processed.