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I've this weird thing that a pdf file, containing 11 pages, loads 12 times!! If I reduce the pages to 2 it loads 2 times and so on. Is there anyone that experienced something similar? It's a normal pdf file, no security, clean code. Just don't get it ;-(

regards J.

when I split the pdf it seems to work just fine! So 1 file with11 pages (or any number) will repeat each pages multiple times but 11 files (at once as attachments) with only 1 page, no problem.
Hello JamesW,

Email Parser takes a text layer from the PDF file that sometimes does not match to what you actually see in the PDF reader.

But this may not be the case and it could be a bug of the program. Is it possible if you send me one of those PDF files to ?

Another question. I guess you are talking about the feature in Email Parser that allows you to embed the PDF contents in the email body in order to be parsed, right? Screenshot ahead, just in case
Yes, it's a embedded pdf as you suspected. I'll send you the file by email.