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I was able to install the software, setup an email source and an email parser. The test email parser gives an output consistent with what i had expected.

The challenge i have is with automation. I wish to add a line to excel ( .xlsx) based on the parser. The test function after using the same email as in the parser step produces no output in the results page. The setup is as follows in the automation step;

Name: XXX
Option: Insert a row in an excel file
Path: XXX to an existing blank .xlsx file on my desktop
Run Condition: when parsed fields are available on:
Option: My email parser name as saved in step 2.
New Row: selected options from email parser in step 2 which i wish to appear as rows in my excel file.

When i run the test function in the 3rd step, i get some result but zero entries in excel. i.e.
Opening Excel file F:\Users\michael\Desktop\FlamingoSMSReminderDatabase1.xlsx

Adding cell Name: value

Adding cell Registration: value

Adding cell Vehicle: value

Adding cell Mobile Phone: value

Adding cell date due: value

I'm having the exact same issue.
I am getting the exact same result.

Step 2 :
········ Running Email parser 1

The parser produced the following results:

Type Client Residential
MarqueAppareil Amana
TypeAppareil Refrigerateur
CategorieAppareil Electrique
CustomerName M. Sigurd Jarlson
Phone1 481-810-1114
Phone2 450-478-7412 ext. 8169
Adresse 1234 Test Road
City Sainte-Therese
CP J1E 4F4


Step 3 :
········ Running Insert row in an Excel file 1

Opening Excel file C:\Users\Internet\Desktop\invoices.xlsx

Adding cell Type Client:

Adding cell Phone1:

Adding cell Adresse:

Adding cell Adresse:


The resulting .xlsx file is totally empty !
Has anybody got this to work at all ? :shock:

Thanks !