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Privacy Policy

As an EU based company FrozenFrog Software (DBA Carlos Andrés, ES71276905C) follows the General data protection regulation and we fully disclose how we manage your data and any involved third-parties. We also, as the regulator recommends, give this information avoiding excessive legal terminology that would make it difficult for an average user to read or understand. This is because we have written this text as a FAQ:

How do you handle my data if I am just browsing this website?

If you are just browsing this website, we hold this information from our visitors:

  • We use Google Adwords and Analytics and they store cookies in your web browser. This information allows us to know how the visitors use our website.
  • If you want to download the app we will ask you for your email address. We will only use it to send you a welcome message and to introduce you a technical support specialist. We do not send any other email but as this is stored in an email list you can always unsubscribe following the link at the bottom of the email.
  • At the website forum, if you sign-up, your email will be used to send you updates about topics you participate and to confirm sign-up.

Purchases in (see the pricing page) are actually handled by third-party companies, not by FrozenFrog Software by itself. Digital River Gmbh for the license keys and Paddle Inc. for subscriptions (both PCI-compliant). We do not have access to any payment related information like addresses, credit cards, phone numbers or names. We only keep your license key and email address for future reference. Also, note that invoices are issued directly by Digital River Gmbh or Paddle Inc themselves, not us, so we do not need to know more details.

How do you handle my data if I have installed the app?

If you have installed Email Parser and are using the app to capture data from the incoming emails in your computer (the default configuration) we do not have access to your email or hold any information about you. Your email stays in your computer. Email Parser behaves like any other email client such as Outlook or Windows Mail. Also, Email Parser does not collect any metrics of what you do, how many times you use it, what is your configuration or anything else. It never “calls home”.

If you have explicitly configured Email Parser to connect to our server under the settings window note that your email account configuration and any other information you enter in the items of the left panel (Email sources, Parsers and Actions) are stored in our server. We do not keep metrics on how you use the app like how many times you use it or record your activity. We only hold the left panel items which are the minimum required information to keep the service running.

Do you access my email through the app?

When you install the app. By default, Email Parser works like a normal email client like Windows Mail or Outlook. It will check your email periodically to see if there is new messages.

If you have also configured Email Parser to connect to our server (under Settings), email processing will happen in the cloud and in this case we will check your email every 15 seconds approximately. In this case we will hold your email server credentials.

How Email Parser access my email?

Usually, Email Parser will only read your email. But if you have created in your left panel the actions Delete emailSend email, Forward email or Move email the app will also perform any of these operations in your email account.

Where is my data stored? servers are located in the Amazon Web Services data center in Frankfurt (Germany). For improving your data security and monitor any unauthorized access we also use Sucuri inc services as a proxy of our web server. In the case of EmailParser online each user environment is containerized and we use the trusted AWS Cognito for user authentication.

How to delete your data:

  • The email address we collected from you when you downloaded Email Parser can be deleted from our database clicking on “Unsubscribe” in the welcome email you received.
  • If you purchased a license key you have to go here: link. It is a third-party Digital River Gmbh the company that holds this data. You can also ask us to do it for you
  • If you are subscribed to Email Parser online go here. Paddle inc handles all this data. You can also ask us to do it for you.
  • If you are using Email Parser online and want to delete your account and all its data associated with it, open Email Parser, go to Settings, and under “Connect to Email Parser online”. Click delete account. After a few minutes your account will be disabled and deleted automatically. Previous backups of your data are kept only for 7 days.After that period your backups will be also deleted.

Do you share my data?

No, we never share your email address or customer data with anyone else

How can I know what information do you hold about me:

  • If you are using the app to connect to Email Parser online (see running modes) You can retrieve all the data we hold about you under Settings->Load and Save settings->Save settings.
  • If you purchased a license key go here. The payment and all its data is handled by Digital River Gmbh, the Email Parser reseller.
  • If you are subscribed to Email Parser online go here. Paddle Inc. is the company that actually handles all the subscription data.


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