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New release: version 1.1

October 20, 2009
This new release comes with a major redesign of the database processes among other updates and fixes:
  • [General] Improved stability, many bug fixes.
  • [General] The output detail can now be increased or decreased by user choice.
  • [Email Sources] Added support for email filters.
  • [Email Sources] New policy for keeping or deleting emails based on the filter.
  • [Field Extractors] Added the support for fields in fixed positions.
  • [Field Extractors] Improved documentation. Added examples.
  • [Database processes] Support for Excel.
  • [Database processes] Support for MySQL.
  • [Database processes] Support for Ms SQL Server.
  • [Database processes] Support for TXT files.
  • [Website] Overall redesign, new welcome page, improved and completed documentation.

New Email Parser icon

October 5, 2009
Thanks to Vladimir Vlademareous  Email Parser has a new icon set. This new icon design shows in a better way what is the purpose of this program and gives a more professional look to the software. The new icon set will be included in the 0.2 which will come shortly.

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