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Multiple step parsing

November 17, 2016
For some diffucult parsing tasks there is a method called “Multiple step parsing”. A new documentation page has been written to cover this topic. Only useful for hardcore users! (or those dealing with really difficult emails to parse) See Multiple step parsing

Email Parser 4.4

November 7, 2016
This new version comes with the following changes:
  • Compatible with high DPI displays. If you have a screen with a pixel density greater than 96dpi (mostly newer laptops and high end screens) you will no longer see the program scaled and blurry.
  • Some user have reported that the program was using too much memory after many days of very frequent automatic email processing and under high load conditions. This was due to some memory leaks of the program right panel. They have been fixed.
  • Updated internal database technology for faster email processing.
  • Fixed a problem that caused that the scripts were not running correctly under the run conditions “Run before any email is processed”  and  “Run after any email is processed”
  • Fixed minor bugs displaying run conditions under the Automated Process edit window
  • Fixed the links that pointed to the new redesigned web site from inside the program.
  • As usual, many other minor issues have been corrected.

How to store an email attachment in a MySQL database

November 1, 2016
It is not a very common use case but an user has asked if it is possible to save an attached file to a database. We have written an example about that and posted to the examples section. You can find it here.

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