Multiple step parsing

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For capturing text from an incoming email we usually apply only one of the available parsing methods but you can use as many as you want, in a sequential way, to get the piece of text needed. It works like a chain where the output of applying one method is the input of the next. For example:

overview of the concept of multiple step parsing

In the diagram above, we can see that the field “vin” is got from the email body and the field “vin_part” is taken from the field “vin” itself. For enabling multi-step parsing, simply select another field at the bottom of the list:

using a regexp for email parsing

Let’s go step by step. The email body is:

Vehicle Information as follows  (VIN/Year/Make/Model):
Number of licenses = 1
Ref # = 523-351433
Reseller =
Promotion name =
Net sales = USD 25.0000
Net Discount = USD 13.000
collected VAT = USD 0.00
Shipping = USD 0.00
VAT on Shipping = USD 0.00
Order automatically generated by at Tue, 01 Nov 2016 12:57:55

After applying the filtering and replacing method, we get the full “vin” field:


In the next step we apply a regular expression to capture the part of the “vin” field we need. We have called this “vin_part”


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