Multiple step parsing

See also: What is a field?

  Multiple step parsing means that, instead of using the default email fields like Body or Subject as input, you use another field. For example:

To enable multi-step parsing simply select another field at the bottom of the list as input:


We have the following email body:
Vehicle Information as follows  (VIN/Year/Make/Model):
Number of licenses = 1
Ref # = 523-351433
Reseller =
Promotion name =
Net sales = USD 25.0000
Net Discount = USD 13.000
collected VAT = USD 0.00
Shipping = USD 0.00
VAT on Shipping = USD 0.00
Order automatically generated by at Tue, 01 Nov 2016 12:57:55
After applying the filtering and replacing method to remove the like breaks we get the following:
Vehicle Information as follows  (VIN/Year/Make/Model):AB123456890/2016/CHEVROLET/TRAXNumber of licenses = 1Ref # = 523-351433Reseller =Promotion name =Net sales = USD 25.0000Net Discount = USD 13.000collected VAT = USD 0.00Shipping = USD 0.00VAT on Shipping = USD 0.00Order automatically generated by at Tue, 01 Nov 2016 12:57:55
In the next step we apply a regular expression to capture the full Ref number. If we use this one:
We get:
And what we really need is actually the first three numbers so we apply the last step. The “starts with…. continues until…” rule would be “Starts after the line 1 character 1 and continues until a ‘-‘ character is found”. The result is:

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