Email Parser

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What is an email source?

An email source is where Email Parser looks for emails. Email Parser supports different types of email sources. If you want to retrieve emails from a server, you can use the IMAP or POP protocols. Alternatively, if you want to retrieve email directly from your computer, you can use an Outlook folder or a regular folder as an email source. Popular email providers such as Gmail or Office 365 are also supported by their own protocols or via IMAP

See the following help topics for information on setting up either way:


Recommendations for setting up an email source

Usually, you do not want to process all the emails you have in your email account, it is very likely that you want to parse only a subset of them like the invoices coming from a given provider or certain type of notifications. In order to let Email Parser know which emails should be parsed and which should be ignored you have to set up an email filter, but note that you can speed up email processing if you can discard the unwanted emails before actually downloading them using the search box or the minimum date under the email source settings:

setting a date range and a search term in the email source


Searching is only supported in Gmail, Office 365 and Exchange. A minimum date is supported by all the email source types except POP.