Running Email Parser as a Windows service

Email Parser can run entirely in the background as a Windows Service. This way email parsing will continue even with the application closed. By default, this feature is not enabled but you can easily activate it going to the Preferences menu and choosing “Run as a Windows Service”. After clicking “OK”, Email Parser will first back up your current settings and then it will install the Windows Service.

Common issues and questions

I am getting this error: “There was a problem connecting to the Windows Service. Trying again in a few seconds”. What is happening?

Most probably, the Email Parser service is not running. Open the Services application (type “Services” in the start menu and it will appear) and check that the Email Parser service is actually running:

I’ve lost my settings after changing the running mode

Left panel items (sources, parsers and actions) are stored in a different folder when running as a service. Just change your running mode again, your settings will be there. Also, beware that you can move the settings (and hence replace them) when checking “transfer settings” before changing the running mode.

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