Run AWS lambda function

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Overview of scripting in Email Parser

You can call AWS lambda functions from Email Parser. The fields are sent as paramaters to the lambda function and also the lambda function can return other fields that Email Parser can use later in other actions.

How to configure your Amazon Web Services account to work with Email Parser

  • Log in your Amazon Web Services account and go to IAM:
  • Create the role “EmailParserLambdaRunRole”. The script will be run under these rights. It is very important that the role created with the steps below have this exact name. Usually you will attach the policy “AWSLambdaBasicExecutionRole” to the role but it can be other one if needed.
  • Create the user “EmailParserUser” as seen below. These are the rights that Email Parser (the Windows app or the Web app) will use to invoke, update and list the existing lambda functions under your AWS account.
  • And finally, copy the access key and secret key to Email Parser.
    entering aws credentials in email parser

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