How to store an email attachment in a MySQL database

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This example shows how to save an email attachment in a MySQL database table as a BLOB column. In the following picture you can see an overview of the process. First, we save to a folder the attachments and then for each attachment we run a SQL sentence: These are the settings of the item “Save attachments to a folder”. As you can see, we just have to enter a folder where Email Parser will save the attached files.
Then, in the next step, we loop for each SavedAttachmentPath value. This field is created by the previous action and it contains one value for each saved attachment:
And finally, we run the SQL sentence. The syntax changes between Oracle, Ms SQL server, Access, etc. They all use a different syntax for adding binary content (BLOB) from a file. For MySQL is:
INSERT INTO table1 VALUES (1,LOAD_FILE('C:\path_to\the_file.pdf'));
Notice the use of <%SavedAttachmentPath%> within the SQL sentence. When this item is run it is replaced with the actual value of the attachment path. The three actions produce the following output in Email Parser:

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