How to store an email attachment in a MySQL database

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This example shows how to save an email attachment in a MySQL database table as a BLOB column. In the picture above you can see an overview of the process. First, we save to a folder the attachments:

Then, in the next step, we loop for each SavedAttachmentPath value. This field is created by the previous action and it contains one value for each saved attachment:

And finally, we run a SQL sentence. The syntax changes between Oracle, Ms SQL server, Access, etc. They all use a different syntax for adding binary content (BLOB) from a file. For MySQL is:

INSERT INTO table1 VALUES (1,LOAD_FILE('C:\path_to\the_file.pdf'));

Notice the use of <%SavedAttachmentPath%> within the SQL sentence. When this item is run it is replaced with the actual value of the attachment path.

The three actions produce the following output in Email Parser:

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