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As an EU based company FrozenFrog Software (DBA Carlos Andrés, ES71276905C) follows the General data protection regulation and we fully disclose how we manage your data and any involved third-parties. We also, as the regulator recommends, give this information avoiding excessive legal terminology that would make it difficult for an average user to read or understand. This is because we have written this text as a FAQ.

Where Email Parser for Windows stores my emails and other sensitive data?

The Windows version of Email Parser stores all the data locallyIt never calls home or neither collects any anonymized data of the app use. It simply does not initiate any network connection other than the ones you manually define to access your emails, databases or spreadsheets. You can confirm this yourself with a network traffic analyzer such as WireShark (Check the open connections for the processes EmailParserUI.exe and EmailParserBackend.exe)

Do you access my email through the app?

No, we can’t.

How Email Parser access my email?

Usually, Email Parser will only read your email. But if you have created in your left panel the actions Delete emailSend emailForward email or Move email the app will also perform any of these operations in your email account.

Where is my data stored?

Under your user profile folder. In most Windows computers this is under C:\Users\<your user name here>\AppData\Roaming\FrozenFrog Software\EmailParser
No other location in your computer is used to save any data.

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