Capturing an HTML tag by the tag properties

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Overview on the different methods of how to Capture an HTML tag

The text of the email body is available in plain text and in HTML. For capturing text from the HTML version of the email you can use XPath and CSS selectors but a more easy-to-use method is giving Email Parser a set of properties that a given HTML tag must meet:

capturing html tag in an email by properties

The different settings correspond to the different parts of an HTML tag:

the anatomy of an HTML tag

For example, in this email:

sample email for parsing

The estimated delivery date is bold and the size is a bit larger than the rest of the text. Let’s take a look at the HTML code and locate where the delivery date is:

the html body of an email

The text “Tuesday, October 21, 2014” is inside a <td> tag with some special styling. We take advantage of this and set up “capture HTML tag” as following:

html properties settings for capturing data

You will find that configuring this capture method requires a lot of trial and error. Usually, more than one HTML tag share the same styling and/or class names and you have to tweak the different options that Email Parser gives you in order to find what HTML styling differences the text you want to capture from the rest.

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