Email Parser

Extract data from incoming emails and automate your workflow


What is an email parser?




Email parsing is the second step in the application and the most important one (hence the program name). In this step that happens once the emails have been downloaded or copied from a local folder, we extract pieces of text from the contents of the email. In the image shown below, you can see a visual example of email parsing. The field names are highlighted in blue:



highlighting the secont step of Email Parser



Clicking in “my email parser” we can see how the text is captured:


parse email and capture some text


Email Parser uses four different methods to find the text string in the email. Depending on your skills or the complexity of the parsing task you will use one or another. You can even combine them for the most complex cases.

Parsing methods
Starts with… continues until… Used for the most simple parsing tasks. It allows to extract text based on where it starts and where it ends.
Regular expression match Uses the powerful regular expressions to define the format of the captured text.
Text filtering and replacing This method is used to remove or replace characters, usually in combination of other text capture method.
Script-based parser The most powerful and flexible way to parse an incoming email. Suitable for those users who have very specific needs. They are not meant for the average user as it requires some programming skills.