Email Parser

Extract data from incoming emails and automate your workflow


Limitations of Email Parser Online

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Maximum amount of processed emails per month

An account can parse up to 5000 messages per month. This quota is large enough to satisfy most customers requirements but if you reach this limit we will offer you purchasing additional processing power for the same price as the current monthly fee. For example, if you need to process up to 10,000 emails your fee will be 2x the monthly fee.

What happens if I exceed the limit?

Email processing will continue even if you reach the limit. We will always try to contact you first (usually by email) before disabling email processing in your account for the current month. We understand that for many users Email Parser is business-critical or is a part of a larger back office system. We never stop processing emails before asking you first.


Items that require tech support authorization to run

There are some items that require manual authorization on our side to run. Please, contact us to enable them in your account:


Items that do not run online

The following items will not run on Email Parser online:


Any other item, not specified here, is allowed to run in Email Parser online.