How to set up an Exchange email account

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How to find the Exchange web services URL

Setting up an Exchange email account in Email Parser is very straightforward. All you need to do is to select “Exchange account” as type:

selecting an imap account under the email source settings

And fill in the required parameters. If you don’t know the EWS URL check this topic.

selecting an imap account under the email source settings

Common issues and questions

What versions of Exchange Server are supported?

Exchange 2007 and up. Note that the server EWS access must be enabled. This feature is enabled by default but some server administrators disable it.

I cannot connect to the server. I get the error “Error. The request failed. The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send”

Check that your Exchange server is correctly set up using the connectivity test from Microsoft. If everything looks fine but you still cannot connect, please, contact Email Parser tech support.

I can’t get it to connect. I get unautohorized error or 404 not found.

Check the following:

  • Is the EWS URL the correct one? Note that the EWS URL is not the same as the URL for the Exchange Web access (webmail).
  • Does your Exchange server require two-step authentication? Note that Email Parser does not support it.

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