How to save email attachments automatically

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Save attached files to a SQL Server database

This action saves the attachments of the incoming email to the specified folder. Optionally, you can enter a file filter to save only some type of attachments or attachments with a given name. For instance, using *.pdf to save only PDF files.

The above example shows a common usage pattern of this action in Email Parser. Emails are retrieved from the email source and those coming from a known domain and having a specific word in the subject are driven to the attachment saver action. It is also expected to receive many attachments with a big size so, once an email is processed, it is automatically deleted from the inbox. This prevents the inbox to grow huge, reach the maximum allowed size in the email server and stop receiving emails.

Saving attachments in the web app

Saving attachments in the web app is a little different. Instead of saving the attached files to a folder in your computer (This can’t be done automatically from a web site), there is a private area called “My files” where you can download them as seen below:

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