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Email Parser running modes

parse emails in your as an application, service or online

There are three different ways to run Email Parser. The parsing results will be the same but depending the one you choose the email processing will be done in different places:


  • Running Email Parser as a standalone application

    This is the default running mode. The email processing will be done only if you keep the application open. As soon as you close Email Parser email processing will stop and to resume it you need to open Email Parser again.

  • Running as a Windows Service

    Email processing will take place in your computer but in the background. You can close the application and email processing will be continued in the background. The Email Parser Windows service will be started when you turn on the computer (as most Windows services). You can find more details here.

  • Run online (under beta testing)

    You need an Email Parser online account. In this running mode, you will use the application to configure your email sources, parsers and actions but actual email processing will be done in our servers. You can open the application to check how the email processing went (the email history will work as usual) and you can even uninstall the application, move to another computer and install Email Parser there. All the settings, processed emails, and left panel elements will be linked to your account. As you can guess, email processing will continue when the application is closed and your computer turned off.


You can change the running mode at any time. The application will backup the current settings first and then change the running mode. Note that if your email history has many emails this process can take some time, specially if you change the running mode to online or if you are moving back from online to your computer.