How do I find the login information to manage my subscription?

This help topic applies to the Windows app only. For managing the subscription of the Web app go here

In order to find the login information to manage your subscription you have to click “Request Login/Password” in as seen below:

Getting the login information to manage an subscription for Email Parser for Windows

Then, enter the email address you used when subscribing to Email Parser. If you do not remember what email address you used see search in all your inboxes from an email from “” with the subject “Delivery information for Email Parser”. The email address you have to enter is the one where you have recevied this email.

Entering the email address under the mycommerce control panel

After that you will receive immediately an email with your username (which is not always your email address) and a link to enter a new password:

the email that mycommerce sends to reset the user name or password

Common issues and questions

I have never created an account and I do not understand why I am recovering the login information

For subscribing to Email Parser a username/password in our payment system is not enforced. You can subscribe to Email Parser just entering a credit card and your email address. But, most users, eventually may require to download invoices, access license keys etc. This is why you need to follow this process.

I do not want to have an account in your payment system to manage my subscription. I do not understand why this is needed.

Well, this is not actually required. You will receive any invoices and license keys by email as usual and for any change related your subscription like cancellations or company data modifications you can just contact us.

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