Deleting an email from the email server

Email Parser automatically downloads any new email from the email sources but the downloaded email is kept on the email source unless you use a “Delete email from source” action. This kind of action is specially useful if you have limited space in the inbox of the email account as it can eventually get full and stop accepting new emails. It is also used to kept the inbox clean and free of unwanted email, including spam. The simplest way to use this action is to delete any incoming email once it is processed as it is shown in the example below: delete_any_incoming_email Emails are driven to specific Email Parser items   You can also selectively delete the emails. For example, you may need to keep emails from known email addresses and delete the rest: selectively_delete_emails Emails from unknown email addresses are deleted from the email source   Or create two email delete actions (you can create as many as you want). In the following example one deletes the processed emails and the other deletes the emails that do not pass the filter: two_email_delete__processes Delete processed and unprocessed emails. Two email delete actions.

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