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This item is not supported in the Windows app

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Differences between the Web and Windows apps

The built-in emailparser web app email account

The Email Parser Web app gives you a ready-to-use email account that you can use without entering any configuration. Any email received to this address will be automatically processed by Email Parser.

This email source is part of the sample configuration you find when you create a new Email Parser Web app account but you can create it as well as any other email source:

choosing email source type for built-in account

This item does not require any further settings. It will just show as connected:

Connected built in account

Common issues and questions

I cannot select this item from the email source type list

The built-in account is not supported in the Windows app.

Can I remove this item?

Yes, feel free to remove this item from the left panel if you don’t use it. You can create it again if needed.

Can I create more than one email source of this type?

Yes, but all of them will use the same email address. Note also that if an email is received and you have, for instance, two of them, the received email will be processed twice.

Can I have multiple addresses?

No, sorry. Only one “” email address is allowed per web app account

Can I have an email address with a readable name like

Yes, but this is only allowed for customers paying a subscription. Contact support and ask for this feature.

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