What is a field?

A field is where Email Parser stores pieces of text. When an email is processed, Email Parser follows the arrows in the left panel from the top to the bottom. In each step, fields are created and become available to the next step. There are three types of fields:

  • Default fields: These are the Subject, Body, From etc. of the received email. These fields are always available.
    fields captured from incoming email
  • Parser fields: These are the fields that you define in a Parser. Their content always comes from another existing field. For example, the field ‘order number’ is the first word of the second line of the field ‘Body’.
    fields captured from incoming email
  • Fields from Actions: Most actions do not generate any fields but some of them like the field definition action or the HTTP request to an API (among others) can generate fields that are useful for the next actions in the chain.
    fields created in the actions section with an api call to stripe

Frequently asked questions

Where can I check the contents of the fields?

Once an email is processed you can see what fields were created double clicking on the email source (left panel) and picking one email from the list. On the right, click on the fields tab.

Can fields be shared between emails? I want to use a field from one email when another email is received

Email Parser always starts processing an email with an empty list of fields. The field list is populated as the email is processed. But, you can use a database to store and read field values. Also, if the field value you want to use across different emails is fixed (it does not change), you can set fields with this action.

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