Using scripts to filter emails

This feature is not supported in the Web app.
See the compatibility table.

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Example – Basic use of a script to filter incoming emails

For more complex email filtering rules, Email Parser offers filter combination and regular expressions, but you can also write a small C# script to evaluate if the incoming email should be parsed or not. Clicking on “run a script for filtering emails” in the filter settings shows a small text area where you can enter your script:

a script for filtering and discardig emails
To write your own script-based filter you need to implement the function FilterEmail() that receives a standard System.Net.Mail.MailMessage object as a parameter. If the function returns true means that the email passed the filter. False means that the message does not pass the filter. It is recommended to write and test your script-based filter using the Email Parser scripting SDK. Much more convenient than editing the script directly in Email Parser.

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