Using scripts to filter emails

👉 This is only supported in the Windows App       For more specific email filtering needs, Email Parser can run a custom script that check whether a received email will be processed or not. This script can be set up under the filter “advanced settings”.  

  After clicking on the edit script button (click also the checkbox on the right) the script editing window is shown. A bare bones example of a script-based filter is the following:  

using a script to filter emails

  To write your own script-based filter you need to implement the function FilterEmail() that receives a standard System.Net.Mail.MailMessage object as parameter. If the function returns true means that the email passed the filter. False means that the message does not pass the filter. It is recommended to write and test your script-based filter using the Email Parser scripting SDK. Much more convenient than editing the script directly in Email Parser.  

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