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Running a SQL statement in a ODBC-compatible database

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Where to download the ODBC driver for your database



using ODBC in Email Parser


ODBC stands for Open Database Connectivity and it is a standard that allows Email Parser to operate with any kind of database using a driver. Most databases have an ODBC available for download, for a list of the most common drivers check out this help topic.

In order to manage the current ODBC drivers and available data sources Windows have a tool called “ODBC manager” and is installed by default. You can open it searching for “ODBC” in the start menu or just clicking “Edit ODBC data sources” in Email Parser.

Note that if you are running Email Parser as a Windows service (See the running modes) the data source must be a system DSN, not a user DSN. Windows services run under a different user account and do not have access to user DSNs.