How to save attached images in a folder and inserting the path in a database

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left panel view of the image submission system that works with a database

This example shows how to save the received attachments in a folder and then, for each one, insert the attachment file name path in a database and run an external tool that process the attachments.

automatically saving attached images to a folder

To insert the path in the database we use a field called SavedAttachmentPath that the previous action has created. Note that we placed in between a “for each” action to perform this process for each attchment.

inserting mysql data from a received email
The external tool (ImageMagick) resizes the attachments to 1024 pixels of width and places the resultig image in a folder where an operator selects the images and removes those that can be considered innapropiate.
running a command when an email is received

When an email is received, Email Parser outputs the following:

saving an attached image and automatically export the contesnt

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