What is the meaning of the arrows?

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How Email Parser works

Email Parser connects the different email processing steps with arrows. When an email is received, it will follow the arrows starting from the source of the email at the top and all the way to the bottom of the left panel list, where the last action is usually placed. It will run any filter, parser, or action found in the path. Bifurcations and loops can be used to conditionally run certain items or run an action multiple times if needed.

An arrow also shows the connection between two fields. In the image below, the arrow that goes from the field “Subject” to “order_id” means that “order_id” is captured from the text contained in “Subject”.
parse email flow of data to export to excel
How can I change the arrows?

Arrows can be changed directly on the left panel, moving their ends with the mouse, or going to the item properties at the right.

What do the small arrows on the left of an item mean?
The small arrows indicate that the item is unconnected. Click the arrow and drag it to another item to make a new connection.
What happens if an item is not connected to another item?
The item will never be run.

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