Differences between the Web app and the Windows app

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Both apps work and look the same way. All the general concepts like the left panel, the fields, parsing rules, etc. apply to both. But there are specific features that only work on either the Web app or the Windows app.

The Windows app is more powerful as it does not have restrictions when operating with files on your computer. It supports scripting and calling other programs when an email is parsed. Another important benefit of the Windows app is that there is no limit on the number of email accounts or emails you can process. On the contrary, the Windows app requires a computer running all day long to parse your emails as they are received.

The most notable benefit of Web app is that it is easier to manage as there is no computer to keep running. It also has a built-in email inbox (an email address ending in @inbox.emailparser.com), so you do not need to set up one. The most notable drawback is that it cannot operate with files or programs on your computer and scripting is very limited. It only supports scripting via running AWS lambdas. The other important limitation is that the number of emails per month is limited to 5000.

Windows App Web App
Maximum number of processed emails
Unlimited 5000 per month
Maximum number of email accounts supported
Unlimited 10

Most email source types, methods of parsing and actions are supported on both versions. But there are some of them only supported on either the Windows app or the Web app:

Supported in the Windows App Supported in the Web App
Email sources
EmailParser.com mailbox No Yes
POP email sources Yes Yes
IMAP email sources Yes Yes
Gmail email sources Yes No
Office 365 email source Yes Yes
Exchange email source Yes Yes
File system email folder Yes No
Basic email filtering rules Yes Yes
Email filtering with regular expressions Yes Yes
Filter combinations Yes Yes
Filter emails with a C# script Yes No
Starts after… Continues until Yes Yes
Regular expression Yes Yes
Capture HTML tag Yes Yes
Attachment reader Yes Yes
Filtering and replacing Yes Yes
Capture text with a C# script Yes No
Actions. Spreadsheets.
Save to Excel Yes Yes
Save to Google Sheets Yes Yes
Save to CSV Yes Yes
Actions. Databases.
SQL query in a Microsoft SQL database Yes Yes
SQL query in a MySQL database Yes Yes
SQL in an ODBC-compatible database Yes No
Actions. Online integration.
HTTP requesto to a Web API Yes Yes
Sent to Zapier Yes Yes
Send to IFTTT Yes Yes
Actions. Local integration.
Run external program Yes No
Run command under the Windows command prompt Yes No
Actions. Scripting.
Run C# script Yes No
Run PowerShell script Yes No
Run AWS Lambda function Yes Yes
Actions. Email.
Send a new email Yes Yes
Delete current email Yes Yes
Forward current email Yes Yes
Move current email Yes Yes
Save current email attachments Yes Yes
Save current email Yes Yes
Actions. Flow control.
Conditional run (bifurcation) Yes Yes
Run for each field groop (loop) Yes Yes
Action hub (goto) Yes Yes
Actions. Fields.
Define static field values Yes Yes
Parse a field Yes Yes
Actions. Other.
Write to text file Yes Yes

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