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May 24, 2024
Email Parser for Windows v6.4
  • [New] Added support for JavaScript filters, parsing, and actions.
  • [New] Passwords can now be made visible instead of being hidden with asterisks. This can be done by clicking a button on the right of the password field. Previously, passwords were always hidden.
  • [New] Office 365 email sources can now handle emails in sub-folders. Previously, only the root folders (inbox, sent, spam, etc.) were available. Now, any user-created sub-folder (inbox/processed emails, folder/subfolder…) works as well.
  • [Fix] When receiving emails from a folder on your computer, if moving an email fails because another program is using the same file, the name of that program is now displayed. Previously, the generic error “The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process” was shown.
  • [Fix] The button to save the email as an .eml file, found in the list of available emails under an email source, is now functional again. It had not been working since the 6.3 release.
  • [Fix] When the button to save the email as an .eml file is clicked, a suggested file name for the email file is now provided. In older versions, this was blank, and the user always had to enter the file name in the save dialog.
  • [New] The left panel now displays a spinning wheel animation during application startup.
  • [Fix] The Run() method in the C# Script Action was not correctly importing the existing email.
  • [Fix] The delete button for Google Sheet spreadsheets is now functional.
  • [Fix] The “processing log” tab under the email source was not correctly displaying the last email log, and sometimes it was not updated if the selected email was being processed.
  • [Fix] The “Write to TXT” action was not saving the text file path.
  • [Fix] When using the File system email source and thousands of files were copied to the folder, Email Parser would hang or not work properly. This issue has been fixed.
  • [Fix] The handling of moving items in the left panel with the mouse has been significantly improved. It now works much better across different positions and tabs. The previous implementation was buggy.
March 11, 2024
Email Parser for Windows v6.3

This new release includes many under-the-hood changes for faster application startup and speed, but no new features. We have also updated Email Parser to use the latest programming tools (Microsoft .NET 7) and laid the groundwork to easily bring you new features in upcoming versions.

December 21, 2023
Beta Release of Email Parser for Windows v6.3

Please use this beta version with caution as it is still under development and requires further testing. We expect to release this version in January or February 2024. You can download the beta version from here.

August 2, 2022
Email Parser for Windows v6.2

We fixed issues related to non-working Office 365 connections. Microsoft has recently updated its servers to accept only connections from apps supporting a newer version of the TLS protocol. More details here.

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