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December 21, 2023
Beta release of Email Parser for Windows v6.3

This new release comes with many under the hood changes, but no new features. We updated Email Parser to use the latest programming tools (Microsoft .NET 7) that resulted in a larger installation size but a much faster application startup and performance.

Please, use this beta version with caution as it is still under development and requires further testing. We expect to release this version on January or February 2024. You can download the beta version from here.

August 2, 2022
Email Parser for Windows v6.2

Fixed issues related to unworking Office 365 connections. Microsoft has recently updated its servers to accept only connections from apps supporting a newer version of the TLS protocol. More details here.

May 24, 2022
Email Parser for Windows v6.1
  • Fixed the issues that caused unprocessed or missed emails under some configurations.
  • Fixed random process restarts when processing large batches of emails (>1000).
  • Lower memory footprint when processing large batches of emails (>1000).
  • Field testing now highlights delimiters in starts after… continues until…, not only the captured text. When using capture groups in regular expressions the capture group is also highlighted in the input text. This makes easier coming up with the correct parsing rule.
  • When an email account connection is failing, reconnecting now happens faster.
  • HTML is no longer used as a format for the log. Plain text (TXT) is now used for better integration with log tools and text editors. It also makes searching for errors quicker in large logs.
  • Fixed bad filter combination execution when the rule “any of the following filters must block this email as well” was selected. Now it always works as expected.
  • Internal database size is now allowed to grow bigger. If you process thousands of emails and see the message “This email has been processed but its log has been removed to save space database space.” Now this message will appear less often.
  • Fixed the error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” when reading attached files in the testing area of the field settings.
  • Simplified Attachment reader. Now relevant options are shown up. Better ‘Quick tip’ explanations.
February 9, 2022
Email Parser Web App updated

A new version of the Web App is now available. This update brings to the Web app the latest fixes that were done in the Windows App a couple of months ago. Also, we have applied other minor fixes and changes specific to the web version of Email Parser:

  • Fixed some glitches that when working with Office 365 and IMAP servers. Mostly random server disconnections, missed or duplicate email processing and errors on when listing the list of emails.
  • Totally rewritten sign-in and sign-up process. Simpler and cleaner look.
  • Smaller web app size. Faster loading times.
  • Many minor UI enhancements and fixes.
December 3, 2021
Email Parser for Windows v6.0
  • Better support for some newer IMAP servers. If you see the email list failing, updating will fix the issue.
  • Improved user feedback when listing emails. A progress message is shown below the email list. Error messages are improved as well.
  • Fixed connecting to Office 365 accounts with a big number of messages in a folder (+10K emails).
  • New action available to apply a label to parsed emails. This way, you can track what happened with processed emails at a glance. Note that this is not related to Gmail labels.
  • Minor improvements in the left panel arrows. Moving arrows with the mouse now is even easier.
November 2, 2021
Email Parser for Windows v5.9
  • Fixed connection stability issues when connecting to Office 365 through Exchange.
  • Fixed connection stability issues when connecting to Office 365 through its own protocol.
  • Fixed the UTF-8 encoding error that appeared when connecting to Office 365 servers via IMAP.
  • Fixed the duplicate processing of some Office 365 emails when deleting or moving emails.
  • Fixed the Internet Explorer Trusted Zones warning after installing Email Parser in Windows Server.
  • Moving the arrows in the left panel is now easier thanks to an increased draggable area.
  • TLS is now set as default in the send email and forward email actions.
  • Fixed the OAuth panel not updating when the email address changed (OAuth is used in Office 365, Gmail and Google Sheets).
  • Fixed the “Item with id X does not require OAuth to work” error of the OAuth panel.
  • Updated the “quick tip” image of the conditional run action.
  • Fixed the word wrapping that was incorrectly applied on the output of the testing area when editing the field parsing rules.
  • When a field is of type Attachment reader now an arrow is drawn starting from the field AttachedFileName in the left panel.
  • Added a link to the Microsoft connectivity test under the Exchange source quick tips.
  • Removed the menu icon that was incorrectly showing in the processed email log.
  • Better placement of toolbar icons on narrow screens.
  • Updated icon for the script action (C#).

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