How Email Parser works

Email Parser is a tool to capture text from incoming emails. It fills the gap between the emails you receive and a database, a spreadsheet or any other program that need to be fed with the email contents. The steps involved in the email processing are shown in the left panel of Email Parser:

parsing an email into google sheets
As you can see, Email Parser divides the process into three well-differentiated steps:
  1. Emails are downloaded from the email server. These are the email sources.
  2. Each received email is analysed looking for specific pieces of text. This step is also known as email parsing.
  3. And finally, a set of actions are performed using the pieces of text resulting from the previous step.
Email Parser will run the Parsers and Actions when a new email arrives or when you manually pick an email as seen below:
In this case, we have exported the email data to a spreadsheet. The result from processing the three emails is:
exporting notification ecommerce to excel

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