How to update Email Parser

This topic is applies to the Windows version only.
The web app is automatically updated and you are always running the latest version.

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Download an old version

In order to update Email Parser for Windows to the latest version, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open Email Parser and save your existing settings under Settings -> Load and Save Settings
  2. Download the latest setup file clicking on “Download Free Trial” at the top of this website.
  3. Proceed with the setup normally. There is no need to uninstall the previous version first
  4. When the new version of Email Parser is open for the first time, it will try to import the settings of the last version. If it fails and shows you an example, go to Settings->Load and save settings and load the backup you did in the first step.

Common issues and questions

Do I need to buy again to update? My license key does not work with the new version.

If you have an active subscription, you have to use the last license key you have received by email. With that license key you can run any version you want. For the customers that purchased a license key before April 2021, when Email Parser was not a yearly payment, the license key you received in the moment of purchase is the only one sent and does not work with newer versions. It only works with the version that was released in the moment of purchase. See here.

I installed the new version of Email Parser but my settings disappeared.

This sometimes (rarely) happens when Email Parser was running as a Windows Service and the setup couldn’t access the service configuration. Please, restore your settings backup as described above. If you do not have this file, copy these directories to any location of your computer (to prevent any further changes) and please, contact us:


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