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As an EU based company, Triple Click Software follows the General data protection regulation and we fully disclose how we manage your data and any involved third-parties. We also, as the regulator recommends, give this information avoiding excessive legal terminology that would make it difficult for an average user to read or understand. This is because we have written this text as a FAQ.

Do you access my email through the app?

Yes, as email processing happens in the cloud we check your email every 15 seconds approximately. This only applies to the Web app. If you are using the Windows App everything is done in your computer (more info)

What data do you keep about me or my company?

We save the following information:

  • Any item you create in the left panel (email accounts, parsing rules and actions). This includes any details you type under them, including passwords.
  • The processing log and resulting fields of every incoming email.
  • Any files generated by the actions you define. These are the files you can see under “My Files”.
  • Your account credentials. But these are stored by a very secure third-party called AWS Cognito.

For processing payments we use external services that are PCI-compliant: Paddle and Digital River. They share with us your name, email address and the physical address used to issue the invoice.

How Email Parser access my email?

Usually, Email Parser will only read your email. But if you have created in your left panel the actions Delete emailSend email, Forward email or Move email the app will also perform any of these operations in your email account.

Where is my data stored? servers are located in the data centers of Amazon Web Services and Hetzner. Both Datacenters are phisically located in Germany. We also use a containerized environment for every user of the web app and use the trusted AWS Cognito for user authentication.

How to delete my data

You can delete your account in the settings button, under the Account tab. Your account will be temporary disabled and we definitely remove your data after 15 days.

Do you share my data?

No, we never share your email address or customer data with anyone else.

Do you miss anything or feel that something is not clear enough? Please, let us know.

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