How to capture inbound leads and export its data to Zoho CRM using Zapier

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Capturing new leads from a Facebook campaign, a website or Google form or any other type of lead generation technique is something quite common nowadays. Usually, the inbound lead information is received by email and manually copied to a customer database or CRM. With Email Parser you can automate this task and convert the email to structured data you can integrate in your CRM. In this example we have used Zapier for this last step. In this example we receive a lead related to an e-commerce site doing a custom campaign in their own website. The lead email looks like this:
The inbound lead as received by email

You can use the same parsing rules and workflow we show in this example and send the generated lead information to Google Sheets, Excel files or a database. Some CRM software implement a REST API interface you can use as well. Zapier, in this case, is much easier to set up.

CRM import via Zapier

But before we export this data to Zapier you need to set up a data capture rule (also called fields in Email Parser) to actually retrieve all the information we receive in the email:

how the notification text is captured

For the rest of the fields the parsing rule is quite similar as the email we receive, when converted to plain text by Email Parser, is very uniform in its format:

*Date: 09/18/2019 09:40 AM*

*Name*: Mary Wollstonecraft
*Phone:* 76477741811
*Mobile*: 76477741811
*Address*: N/A
  email response sent to

*Website*: Facebook
*Page*: PageName: N/A
 *Source*: FB_Own_property_as_low_as_1900month

 ====== Additional Information: ======
pageid = 1234
formid = 1234

LeadType = BuyerLead has no active email plans
Please follow-up ASAP!!
Thank you,
JohannaWebsite Support and Marketing Team
This is an automatically generated message. Please do not reply to this

On the Zapier side, you have to set up a trigger called “webhook” and follow the usual steps as seen in these screenshots:

integration with webhooks
At the bottom of this article you can find more details on how the Zapier set up was done. Once configured, remember to copy the webhook URL back to Email Parser. And done, you will save countless of hours of data entry and an error-prone process with this tool. Lead integration will be also faster and cheaper as it will not require human intervention by a sales rep. When a generated lead arrives at your inbox, Email Parser will go step-by-step, first checking if the email matches a pre-defined set of rules (email filtering), then will follow the parsing rules set in the fields (lead name, phone, mobile, address…). Finally, it will export the inbound lead to Zoho CRM using the Zapier integration tool.
the parsed output in the tool
Below you can find more details of the Zapier integration:
The webhook settings for customer lead caturing
initial set up action
A zapier action that saves text to Zoho CRM
parsed data being sent to Zoho CRM

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