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How to find the Exchange web services URL


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If you don’t know the Exchange Web Service URL for your email account, there are different ways to determine it:

  • By default, most servers use an URL like this:
  • If you have administrator access to the Exchange server, you can get this URL running the following command in the Exchange Management Shell:
    Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory |Select name, *url* | fl
  • If you have Microsoft Outlook installed try:
    1. Hold the Ctrl key and right click on the Outlook Icon in the system tray
    2. Select “Test E-mail Auto Configuration” from the menu
    3. Type in an email address located on the desired Exchange server
    4. Click Test
    5. The URL is listed as ‘Availability Service URL’
  • In Email Parser, after entering your email address at the top, click “Autodiscover URL”.
  • And, of course, if none of these worked, ask your network administrator or the provider that manages the Exchange server. Exchange web service is available on any Exchange server from 2007 but they may have disabled it.