Sending parsed data to IFTTT

The IFTTT and Zapier actions allows you to send the fields in many online services. From accounting software to note taking tools, the possibilities are endless.

Setting up Email Parser to communicate to IFTTT requires you to create a Webook in your IFTTT account and then copy the Webhook key and event name in Email Parser. The screenshot below shows how it looks like once it is set up:

This is the final result, in order to have a Webhook key and an event name you have to do the following:

  1. Log in your IFTTT account and go to your applets list

  2. Click on New Applet

  3. Click on “+ this”:

  4. Search for “Webhooks” and select it. Then choose “Receive a web request” as trigger:

  5. Enter any event name. For instance “EmailParser” and click on “Create trigger”. Enter the event name in Email Parser, at the top of this window:

  6. Click on “+ that”. This step depends on what you actually want to do with the data sent from Email Parser so no further instructions are given here.

  7. Return to your account main page click on the Services tab and then click on Webhooks:

  8. Click on the Settings button of your Webhooks:

  9. The page shows an URL. The Webhook key is the text string after /use/:

  10. The IFTTT activity log you can find under the IFTTT Webhook settings is very useful for troubleshooting and see what Email Parser has sent to IFTTT:

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