Email Parser

Extract data from incoming emails and automate your workflow


Email Parser bridges the gap between the emails you receive and Excel files, databases or any other tools or file formats.

It can parse the text from the email body or the attachments. The configuration is fast and easy thanks to the different parsing methods and the wide range of examples available.

export outlook emails to excel

Easy to set up

Built for easy and fast configuration. It can be set up in minutes thanks to the complete documentation and examples given.

And if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our technical support.


Email filtering and tracking

Do not process unwanted emails. Filter email messages by subject, sender, date etc.

You can also easily track what have been done with each processed email

Complete integration and customization

Information retrieved from the emails can be used in databases, Excel worksheets, external programs etc.

You can also create your own script to fully personalize the processing done with the email.