Parsing attached PDF files

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  Most examples you can find for Email Parser show how to capture text from the body of an incoming email but you can use attached files as well. The only difference is that you have to create a specific field where the plain text version of the file is stored. It is done as following:  

  You can name this field as you want, in this example we have called it pdf_file_contents but any name will work. Note also that we have activated the file name filter as we only want to get the text of the attached PDF files. If, for instance, a DOCX (Word) file is attached it will be ignored.   The next step is to use this field as input of another field. As you can see, it works exactly the same way as capturing the text from the email body but instead of choosing Body we have choosen pdf_file_contents as input:  

    Once explained the basics let’s show the full example. We are receiving invoices like the following:  

    We want to capture the invoice number, date and total amount to build a monthly summary in Google Sheets and we have configured Email Parser as following:  





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