Exporting email contents to Excel


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  Email Parser can insert text from emails in an Excel file. It automatically creates a new row with the specified fields. For example, in the following screenshot, we save the fields invoice_number, quantity, customer and the date and time the email was received:  

exporting outlook emails to excel

  Once you have already defined how to capture the text from the incoming email, setting up how to save the fields to Excel is very straightforward. You just need to create a new Action and select insert a row in an Excel file in the list:   email to excel step 1     Then add the fields from the previously defined email parser, simply called capture text in this example, or from the available default email fields (From, To, Subject…):     email to excel step 2         Email Parser will create a blank Excel file if the file does not exist yet. Note also that you can apply any format to the Excel file: change the cells size, use a larger font, etc. This Action will just add a new row below the last one.  

email text exported to an excel

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