Running an external program

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See also:
Running a command under the Windows command prompt
Running a PowerShell script

running an external program with extracted text from an email

Use this action to call an external program when an email is processed. You can also pass the captured fields as parameters as seen in the screenshot above. The output of the called program is captured and shown in the output window:

the output of running an external program with extracted text from an email

Common issues and questions

When running this action, Email Parser stops responding and does not process any further emails.

Email Parser waits for the external program to finish indifenitely. This is the expected behavior and no closing signal is sent to the launched external program after a certain time. To prevent Email Parser to get blocked, check that the external process closes by itself calling it manually using the same parameters as Email Parser.

I get different results (or even errors) when calling the external program from Email Parser

Note that when Email Parser is run as a service, the user rights actually used are those from the “LOCAL SERVICE” user (unless you set something different under the control panel->services). This means that the network drives may not be available or the rights to access some folders may not be the same as if you manually launch the external app from the command line.

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