Email Parser

Extract data from incoming emails and automate your workflow


Email Parser 5.2

February 15, 2019

The changes in this release are:

  • [New] Email sources, Parsers and Actions can now be grouped in tabs at the left panel. This is specially useful if you have a very complex set up with a large amount of items
  • [New] Items in the left panel can now be moved with the mouse (drag and drop). Easier and faster than clicking to the button “up” or “down” multiple times.
  • [New] Support for Zapier.
  • [New] Support for IFTTT.
  • [New] Capturing HTML tags from the email body with XPATH expressions.
  • [New] Capturing HTML tags from the email body with CSS selectors.
  • [New] Added many key shortcuts, mostly the Enter and Esc keys in many panels and lists
  • [New] Added a context menu to the Output tab and the list of emails.
  • [Fix] The email sources that take files from a folder in your computer now are named using the name of the folder instead of requiring a ‘fake’ email address.
  • [Fix] New payment gateway for EmailParser online: Paddle.
  • [Fix] Completely reworked license key panel at Settings->License. Much easier to understand and less nonsense.
  • [Fix] The action that saves the email attachments to a folder now creates a field named SavedAttachmentPath for every saved file. Previously it was named SavedAttachment which was confusing with the actual contents of the attachments.
  • [Fix] Many other small bug fixes and tweaks.


Email Parser 5.1

November 5, 2018
  • [New feature] Email list under the email source now shows a small ‘v’ icon when an email is already processed. There is no longer needed to open emails one by one to see if they are processed or not.
  • [Fix] The panel where an action is edited sometimes didn’t update accordingly when other actions were changed on a different tab. This is now fixed
  • [Fix] Some processed emails didn’t show as processed under the email list. Sometimes refreshing the view fixed this but now it always work and the update happens automatically.
  • [Fix] Many Email Parser online fixes.
  • [Fix] Other minor bug fixes and memory handling issues


Email Parser 5.0

October 19, 2018
  • [New feature] Faster email processing thanks to the automatic email retrieval. There is no longer needed to set a periodic time value to check emails under preferences. Emails are automatically processed as they are received at the email server.
  • [New feature] The “Email History” or “Processed Emails” window is no longer available. Instead of that you can see all your emails in your account (as any email client, such as Outlook) . If the selected emails happens to be already processed more information is available.
  • [New feature] New actions to integrate with online APIs: HTTP action and Zapier integration
  • [New feature] The email source type that allowed you to just retrieve email files (.eml and .msg formats) from a normal folder in your computer now also allows you to accept any type of document file. It will automatically create a blank email and attach that document as if it was sent in an email.
  • [New feature] A different way to parse attached file. Email Parser now reads the attachment contents when the user creates a field of type “Attachment reader”. This allows to fine tune the way conversion to plain text is done and also speed up email processing to those users who do not care about attachments as they are not read by default.
  • [Fix] Much faster run mode change.


Email Parser 4.8

May 28, 2018

This new version contains only small bug fixes and performance improvements over the recent 4.7 release. As usual, you can download it from the downloads section.

  • [Fix] Gmail labels, IMAP and Exchange folders browse in the email source settings do not timeout so quickly. Good for slow connections or long lists of labels/folders
  • [Fix] Exchange version 2007 is now actually supported.
  • [Fix] Improved fault tolerance of the changing running mode window when connection errors happens
  • [Fix] Small performance improvements when saving large settings files
  • [Fix] Added more detailed info of very old emails information in the Processed emails tab. See Limitations of the size of the internal database
  • [Fix] Many minor bug fixes


Email Parser 4.7

April 23, 2018

This new release comes with many new features and changes. Most notably the support for processing your emails online but also the support for Google Sheets and Office 365/Exchange accounts. For a more detailed list see below:

  • [New] Tabbed interface. Now you can keep open multiple items (email sources, fields, actions etc) at the same time.
  • [New] Automatic save of the changes. There is no longer the classic Save or Cancel buttons. Every change you make to an item is automatically saved
  • [New] Simplified Processed emails window. Less buttons and less clutter. Only the important things are shown.
  • [New] New text capture method to capture HTML tags.
  • [New] Email Parser can now parse your emails online. See What is Email Parser Online for more information.
  • [New] Support for Google Sheets
  • [New] Support for Office 365 email addresses and Exchange
  • [New] A new icon. Why not?
  • [New] Now you are able to move an email from one folder to another as part of the process.
  • [New] Parsing a field is now available also as an action. Previously it was available only within an Email Parser
  • [Change] Fields are now directly show in the left panel. There is no longer needed to open an Email Parser item to show a field settings
  • [Change] “Email history” is no called “Processed emails“. We think naming it this way it is more clear what this window actually does
  • [Fixes] Faster script actions execution
  • [Fixes] And a ton of little tweaks here and there.


Email Parser 4.6

September 4, 2017

This release comes with many changes, but most notable tweaks are in the user interface (easier to use) and also Gmail accounts are now supported directly via the Gmail API. The detailed list of the changes is the following:

  • “Automated processes” are now called “Actions”.
  • Email Parser fields can now be tested “on the fly”. No longer needed to switch to the testing tab.
  • Wildcard expressions have been deprecated. 99% percent of the users do not actually use it.
  • Much better high-DPI screen support
  • Support of the Gmail API directly. No longer needed to enable IMAP access to parse emails in your Gmail account
  • Attachment content is now automatically included as a field called “AttachmentContent”. Setting this up in the email source settings is no longer needed.
  • A shortcut link in the output window that says “More details” opens the processed email with all its data.
  • Many changes on how the Actions are chained. Mostly UI based. Now it is easier to understand their run conditions and how they are chained together.
  • Email Parser running as a Windows Service is now included by default in the installer. There is no need to download an “add-on” package. However, the Windows Service is not actually installed until the user chooses to run Email Parser this way.
  • A faster response of the left panel. If you have many email sources, email parsers and actions you will notice the difference.
  • Many other “under-the-hood” minor changes and bug fixes.
  • Many UI tweaks for making the interface easy to use.


Email Parser 4.5

December 5, 2016

This new release mostly contains bug fixes and gives us back the Windows Service feature to parse emails completely in the background. It also have some performance improvements:

  • Much faster email processing when database has many emails
  • Fixed email parser testing full parser. The testing shown empty results on some installs.
  • Fixed the double click in an email parser field list. Edit window now appears.
  • Email filter table now has more space between items. Better readability.
  • The email parser list that shows all the fields available now enables the remove button again when a field is selected
  • The email editor button “Save email as .eml file” works again
  • Fixed the email history list item text colour when an item is selected. Better readability.
  • Fixed some email wrongly typed words here and there.
  • Slightly bigger email viewer and now centred in the email history screen.
  • Added a “…” button in the email history to show the useful but unknown context menu
  • Windows Service is back to work again
  • When that max amount of emails are reached in the email history oldest emails are removed and database file is compacted


Email Parser 4.4

November 7, 2016

This new version comes with the following changes:

  • Compatible with high DPI displays. If you have a screen with a pixel density greater than 96dpi (mostly newer laptops and high end screens) you will no longer see the program scaled and blurry.
  • Some user have reported that the program was using too much memory after many days of very frequent automatic email processing and under high load conditions. This was due to some memory leaks of the program right panel. They have been fixed.
  • Updated internal database technology for faster email processing.
  • Fixed a problem that caused that the scripts were not running correctly under the run conditions “Run before any email is processed”  and  “Run after any email is processed”
  • Fixed minor bugs displaying run conditions under the Automated Process edit window
  • Fixed the links that pointed to the new redesigned web site from inside the program.
  • As usual, many other minor issues have been corrected.


Completely new web site

August 9, 2016

Finally, the new web site have been updated. Its design is very similar to our other program (ScriptFTP) and most of the code is shared among the sites. The changes are mostly related to be mobile friendly and responsive across multiple devices and screen sizes. We also made the web site easier to keep up to date thanks to a CMS.

Now its time to focus on the next version of Email Parser.


Automated Email Parser 4.2. New release and new program name

June 18, 2014

The most noticeable change in the new version is the new program name but this new release also comes with some peroformance improvements in the email history window, lower memory footprint and some minor bug fixes. You will also notice that the program is no longer distributed as a MSI pacakge, now we use the more common EXE format to launch the setup program.

We have changed the program name from Email & Parser to Automated Email Parser to show in a better way what the program does. It is more descriptive as what most of our customers do is to use the program to automatically parse incoming emails (Although other many use it for email forwarding, archiving etc)