Email Parser 5.8 for Windows

May 4, 2021

A new release for the Windows version of Email Parser. The main changes are:

  • Support for Office 365 email accounts.
  • Error handling via de Conditional Run Action. Now you can check the previous action output or the full output of the email

We have also fixed some minor bugs, specially some errors that happened when opening email lists of different email accounts at the same time.

The same changes will be applied to the Web App in the coming weeks.

As usual, any comments or questions are welcome.


Email Parser Web App updated

April 8, 2021
We have updated the web version of Email Parser adding AWS lambda scripting support, a lot of bug fixes, and small improvements. Except for some limitations, now the Web app is on par with the latest release of Windows app. If you were using Google Sheets or Gmail in the Web App just note the following changes:
  • You need to use IMAP to access your Gmail account. For this, you have to create an app-specific password in your Google account. More info in this guide.

  • You will also notice that all your Google Spreadsheets are no longer visible from Email Parser. This is because, with the latest changes in the way we use the Google API, Email Parser can only see the spreadsheets created by itself, not your full Google Drive. Now you need to create a blank spreadsheet from Email Parser (not from Google Spreadsheets) and then use it to export your email data as usual. After its creation, you can go to Google Spreadsheets and change its format, manually add some data, etc. Email Parser will just add new rows below.


Email Parser 5.7 for Windows

February 26, 2021
This new release comes with the following changes:
  • Support for the AWS lambda platform. This means that a new action type that runs lambda functions is now available. With this, you can run scripts not only written in C# but also any other language that the AWS Lambda platform supports (C/C++, Python, Javascript, Java etc.)
  • Many small improvements and fixes on the arrows of the left panel. Now, connections between fields are also shown and drag and drop to quickly update the item connections is now fully supported.
  • Other minor improvements and fixes in the UI of the app.
As usual, you can download this new version from here.

Email Parser 5.6 for Windows

December 10, 2020
This new version contains minor bug fixes in the app logic but many improvements in the user interface. Most of the changes are focused on the user-friendliness and the look and feel of the app. The most notable updates are:
  • Improved left panel arrows. Now they have square edges and are better arranged to understand complex flows while taking less space.

  • Parsers now have an overview that shows all the fields and the steps involved within a parser.
  • Items can now be arranged in groups easily. Previously, this feature was available but was not very widely used because it was a bit hidden in the user interface. Improved look and feel as well.

  • Quick examples. A set of examples are built in the app itself to show the new users how to use the app quickly without going through the docs.

  • The output window automatic scroll can no be disabled. This makes it easier to browse the output while processing emails at the same time.

  • And, as usual, many other small tweaks, updates, and bug fixes.

Are there any updates to the Web App?

Not yet, features are usually implemented first in the Windows App and then added to the Web version as well. We expect to update the web version to be on par with the Windows App along with January 2021.  

Where do I download the Windows App?

The new version can be downloaded from the Get Windows App section.  

Do I need to uninstall or save the existing settings to update?

No, just running the installer is needed.    

Email Parser 5.5 for Windows

October 16, 2020
  This new release contains a set of fixes and one enhancement over the last release. These are the changes:
  • [New] Exchange and Office 365 shared folders are now supported.
  • [Fix] The status of an email source is now more accurately shown. Previously there was a couple of second lag between what is shown and the actual connection status.
  • [Fix] Fixed an app crash that happened occasionally when adding an action  of type Field parse.
  • [Fix] The links in the app that open the browser instead of doing something else now have the icon.
  • [Fix] The app was crashing when logging out of a Windows 7, 8, or 10 machine via RDP.
  • [Fix] Moving an email to another folder was failing on some old Exchange servers.
  • [Fix] Saving attachments was not working when not using the default file names.
  • [Fix] Extracting text from the attached files was not deleting a temporary file used to store the text.
  • [Fix] Writing data to a CSV file was keeping the file open (and locked) after running for a couple of seconds
  • [Fix] Emails (or files) from a file system folder were sometimes parsed twice for no reason.
  • [Fix] SQL Server and MySQL actions were not correctly handling line breaks in the SQL sentence.
  • [Fix] Running the HTTP API action in a loop was not holding all server responses, only the last one.

Email Parser Web App released

May 26, 2020
The new Email Parser Web App brings the same features as the Windows app but in a web-based solution. Most of the examples, documentation and knowledge already posted on this website over the years are applicable for the web app. It is based on the same concepts and the design of the user interface is deeply based on the Windows version. Note that there are some limitations, mostly regarding scripting and the use of local files as you may expect.


Email Parser 5.4 for Windows released

The most notable change in this release is the removal of the Connect to Email Parser online option in the Windows App. Email Parser online was a running mode where the app connected to our server to set up the email parsing rules there. The newly released Web App completely replaces this. This release also comes with minor fixes and improvements. A lower memory footprint is expected when processing complex emails but, from the user perspective, this new version looks almost the same as the previous. In a nutshell, if you are using 5.3 and do not have any performance issues you do not need to update. And if you were using Email Parser online you can uninstall the app, everything has been moved to the web browser. As usual, this new release can be downloaded from the Download page.

Email Parser 5.3

October 14, 2019
The changes in this release are:
  • [New] Exchange email sources now accept DOMAIN\username format for login.
  • [New] New condition for bifurcations: “Matches this regexp”
  • [New] The left panel now highlights the item that is shown in the active tab
  • [New] Action static fields now has a switch to choose between replacing or adding values to existing fields
  • [New] Added a more featured text editor for SQL, scripting, regular expressions etc. It supports syntax highlighting and other useful features.
  • [New] Added ✔ and ❌ emojis to the “filter passed” and “filter not passed” messages
  • [Fix] And many other fixes and UI optimizations. 32 bug fixes and minor changes have been done.

Email Parser 5.2

February 15, 2019
The changes in this release are:
  • [New] Email sources, Parsers and Actions can now be grouped in tabs at the left panel. This is specially useful if you have a very complex set up with a large amount of items
  • [New] Items in the left panel can now be moved with the mouse (drag and drop). Easier and faster than clicking to the button “up” or “down” multiple times.
  • [New] Support for Zapier.
  • [New] Support for IFTTT.
  • [New] Capturing HTML tags from the email body with XPATH expressions.
  • [New] Capturing HTML tags from the email body with CSS selectors.
  • [New] Added many key shortcuts, mostly the Enter and Esc keys in many panels and lists
  • [New] Added a context menu to the Output tab and the list of emails.
  • [Fix] The email sources that take files from a folder in your computer now are named using the name of the folder instead of requiring a ‘fake’ email address.
  • [Fix] New payment gateway for EmailParser online: Paddle.
  • [Fix] Completely reworked license key panel at Settings->License. Much easier to understand and less nonsense.
  • [Fix] The action that saves the email attachments to a folder now creates a field named SavedAttachmentPath for every saved file. Previously it was named SavedAttachment which was confusing with the actual contents of the attachments.
  • [Fix] Many other small bug fixes and tweaks.

Email Parser 5.1

November 5, 2018
  • [New feature] Email list under the email source now shows a small ‘v’ icon when an email is already processed. There is no longer needed to open emails one by one to see if they are processed or not.
  • [Fix] The panel where an action is edited sometimes didn’t update accordingly when other actions were changed on a different tab. This is now fixed
  • [Fix] Some processed emails didn’t show as processed under the email list. Sometimes refreshing the view fixed this but now it always work and the update happens automatically.
  • [Fix] Many Email Parser online fixes.
  • [Fix] Other minor bug fixes and memory handling issues

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